Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

No child in India should be devoid of good health, nutrition, and education. India cannot afford more impoverished children. We are not only making our standards of living worse but also wasting precious human resource that will help in nation building upon entering adulthood. We want to take poor children to a land of opportunities where they grow, learn, and earn well in the future. We want to give a ‘happy and healthy childhood’ to as many children as we can and spread a ray of hope among poor households which assures them of a bright future for their children.


Our Mission

Poor households often have to work very hard to make ends meet. Children usually do not study and are made to work with their parents because of financial constraints. In such a condition, getting quality education becomes impossible. Access to healthcare is also restricted and children grow up malnourished and at a great risk of diseases. Lack of good education closes the doors of opportunity for these kids. Our mission is to help children become their best self. Our programs help kids in getting good education as well as quality healthcare. We are trying to create national assets that make India proud in decades to come.