Our Team

Our Team

The success of our organization is based on tireless efforts of our team who have made this organization not- for- profit with efficient structures that are operational and deep rooted tradition of service. We celebrate our team’s commitment, connections and expertise that has made Save Child Dream Foundation the best in the following;

  • Ability to sustain
  • Partnering with global foundations, corporation and educational institutions worldwide
  • Network of experts, operational partners and volunteer advisors
  • Operations that are low overhead and efficient
  • Unique development model comprising health and community development and education

Our aim is to build a world where children attain survival rights, participation, protection and development. We ensure children live a life free of hardships and we also ensure that the hardships are abolished.

Our Approach

There are so many children who die yearly due to lack of proper treatment. We partner with the government health systems and communities to ensure that maternal health care is improved.

Response to disaster risk reduction and emergencies
Natural disasters greatly affect children. We work to ensure children development and survival rights after an emergency by provision of immediate support.

We are looking forward to providing children with a voice by closely working with donors and governments. Save Child Dream Foundation executives laid down the vision of the organization for many years and this has greatly led to the success of the organization. It has also integrated their skills, wisdom, connections and commitment. We work in different countries in the world to change the lives of the children and help them have a brighter future. Our aim is to put the interests of the child first and provide them with everything they need in order to grow and live a happy life.

Save Child Dream Foundation Team Members Work and Responsibility

Registered under the Act 1860 (21) and Save Child Dream Foundation, the names, positions and occupations of the members of the executive committee who have been entrusted with the work of the organization are as follows.

Name Position Business
Sh. Ashish Gupta President Social Worker
Sh. Deepak Papreja Vice President Social Worker
Sh. Dinesh Kumar General Secretary Social Worker
Smt. Seema Gupta Secretary Social Worker
Smt. Tabassum Bano Treasurer Social Worker
Sh. Ajay Kumar Member Executive Social Worker
Sh. Shiv Shyam Gupta Member Executive Social Worker
Sh. Harendra Member Executive Social Worker
Sh. Kapil Member Executive Social Worker